Wedding Hair - Making Up The Bride
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We can help you decide on a perfect bridal hairstyle that suits your face shape, your personality and is in keeping with your dress and the theme of your wedding day.


We are all able to create the following …..
• Classic bridal undo’s
• Messy bridal undo’s
• Half up half down hair
• Boho/beach waves
• Vintage hair styles
• Bridal braids
• Bridal twists
• Bridal chignons
• A chelsea blow-dry
• A blow-dry


At the trial we will listen to what your hairstyling needs are, look at your pictures and pintrest ideas and work through some looks until we both agree on the final wedding day hairstyle.


At this point it is always good to have your veil and head piece, but we can also work without these and take them into consideration when styling the hair. We can also at this point advise you on what would look right in your hair if you haven’t already purchased a head piece.


We can also advise you if you want or need clip in extensions in your hair for thickness or length.
We like hair to look like hair, we like it to look relaxed secure and romantic for your wedding day, not too structured. Red carpet hair with bridal elegance.